Useful writers’ resources

By Muhammad Mahdi Karim,, own work.

Online dictionaries and wikis [free for all]

Real journalism
medialens [correcting the distorted vision of the corporate media]alternet [independent media resource] •  reporters without bordersnoam chomsky archivesnoseweeksource watch and pr watch [keeping an eye on the spindoctors]unknown news •  storytelling in a post-journalism world

new media lab @ rhodes poynterfreedom of expression institute [fxi]  •  my alma mater [where I realised I had to be a dissident]


  • You know what? just wing it, language should be flexible and in constant flux.
  • But make sure you have a good editor to do the final check!
  • New Zealand has agreed to allow txt or sms English in exam papers, as long as the student has comprehended the subject at hand.

google mapsstraatkaartthe planetgoogle earth [our glorious planet]

SA also provides photographic services

dissident voicealternative press index: lists radical zines • 09 F9 [assault on digital rights]green anarchy

contact us for a quote, our prices are the best in town [gotta love puns] • if it’s a good quote you’re looking for, we have access to those too motivational quotes, inspirational quotes, social justice quotes, enviro-quotes

Writing tips
• write with your heart not your head • In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act – George Orwell

generation alpha  •  right to know campaign [R2K]  •  Let the truth be told  • the maskapfenvironmental justiceadbustersabahlali basemjondolo

why should I pay someone to write for me? I can do it myself!

project gutenberg free books, where copyright has expired

Launching an updated website


Careers and Opportinities in Physics: This booklet outlines for the maths and science achievers in secondary school, the career options that await them in the world of physics.

Like the proverbial electrician who’s DB Board reveals dangerous, dangling wires and the plumber with the leaky kitchen tap, often writers and designers do not update their blogs and websites.

Mine was designed in 2009 and hardly updated in the five years since.

Finally, this new revised and simplified website is an attempt to provide accessible and useful information about my work.

Please flip through and let me know what you think?