Scriptwriting opportunity comes our way


Screencapture of the script

During May 2015 had the opportunity to write a video script again. Scripts and screenplays are essentially writing in 3D or even 4D for that matter. Each sequence has to be accompanied by audio, video and sometimes onscreen text too. As you write the script you need to bear in mind all these other dimensions.

It’s just a wonderful challenge.

This most recent script was all about South Africa’s indigenous knoweldge systems and how important it is to record and secure this wisdom before it is forgotten.

Here are snippets from some of the scenes:

  • The elders spoke of plants and medicines to treat the effects of illness. Stories were repeated until they became embodied in our traditional knowledge and activities. The stories found expression in our folklore, dances, songs, rituals, language and agricultural practices.
  • But the oral nature of South Africa’s traditional wisdom means that its future is no longer assured. Many young people are moving to the cities. To add to this, threats such as misappropriation and misuse of traditional knowledge are a growing reality.

Hopefully when the final video becomes available, we will be able to share a link to it.

DST launches two coffee-table books on science & technology is proud to have been co-writer on one of the coffee table books launched by the South African Department of Science and Technology (DST) last week. Along with Malachite Marketing and Media, we produced a coffee-table book titled: South Africa-Japan Cooperation in Science and Technology, celebrating ten years of cooperation between the countries.

DST JICA 2014_coverAccording to DST, the publication illustrates how a North-South relationship could be mutually leveraged to benefit both countries and their people.

The strong relations between South Africa and Japan are evident in the range of activities that have taken place since the signing of a bilateral agreement in 2003. The two countries have since invested more than R85 million (over R72 million contributed by Japan) in more than 50 joint research projects and other programmes that have provided South African researchers, scientists and students with access to Japanese expertise and science facilities.

The interim chargé d’affaires of the Embassy of Japan, Mr Hiroaki Fujiwara remarked, “I hope that the book, which has been launched today, will not only be very useful for reflecting on the past cooperation, but also be instrumental in further promotion of cooperation in science and technology between Japan and South Africa”.

Read the announcement on the DST website.

Download and read a copy of the publication.