Why should I pay someone to write?

Professional writers, social media marketers, web designers and communicators present professional material, which in turn commands the attention of potential clients.

Promotional material is the front door to your business, it should look and sound professional.

How much will it cost?


Professional writers, depending on their level of experience will charge anything from R350 to R550 an hour, but this will also vary depending on the type of writing required, be it technical writing, business writing, editing or script writing.

web design:

How long is a piece of string? It is extremely difficult to quote on a website. A comprehensive analysis must therefore be done for each individual site before quoting on it. A small business, launching a five page static website can look at paying R5 000 to get a small but professional site set up. The hourly rate for web design is approximately R650 an hour. Simple updates thereafter will cost around R300 an hour. A corporate entity wanting a website with databases, programming and perhaps an online marketing setup however, may pay R1 million or more.

thewriter.co.za is a comprehensive communication resource for people requiring the services of a professional communications team as we work in cooperation with other freelancers and marketing companies.

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